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Immediate-Job-OpeningsImmediate Job Openings available for people who:

  • Want to work from home
  • Enjoy talking with people
  • Speak professionally on the phone
  • Handle rejection well
  • Self motivated
  • Goal oriented

Informational Meeting

  • Serious applicants must attend Informational Meeting
  • Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 830pm-930pm
  • 4 Broadway, Dover, NH 03820


  • Make calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • You do not need to sell anything


  • Work from home
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Determine your own schedule
  • Training provided


  • Phone
  • Computer
  • Professional attitude
  • Hungry for success


  • This is an independent contractor position – 1099
  • The positions are paid 100% commission with bonuses
  • Earning potential is unlimited
  • Several positions may be available
  • Serious applicants must attend Informational Meeting listed above

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8 Week Total Transformation


TLP starts Monday and there are a few spots open. This is going to be so much fun! Sign up now.

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What do you get when you combine Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Life Coaching, a Nutrition Plan, and Skin Care?

Ytotal-transformationou get a whole new you in just 60 days – Inside and Out!

Experience the Total Transformation Program at Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy.

Download the Flyer – Total Transformation – Please post where you can.

Here’s how it works:

  • Group Classes
    • All Classes Taught by 6th Degree Master Instructor and World Champion Matt Randall
    • Martial Arts – A tough workout focused on personal self-defense
      • Mon/Wed – 9am
      • Tues/Thurs – 530pm
    • Kickboxing – A killer workout with real kickboxing skills and drills
      • Mon/Wed – 6pm
      • Tues/Thurs – 9am
    • Life Coaching
      • Personal Coaching by Certified Life Coach Kaz Randall
      • Each participant gets 30 minutes of private life coaching a week to stay on track with your goals – for fitness, life, work, and family.
      • Coaching may be in person, by phone…

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It’s money in the bank

Sometimes I’m amazed at how well a company can live up to it’s promises.

  1. Monday I met with a new customer who made her first purchase.
  2. Wednesday she received her order.
  3. Thursday I got paid.

Is this unusual?  No, it happens every week.

If you are interested in making some money on the side or starting a whole new career, give me a call.

Matt Randall – 603.767.6500


One Night Only! YOU, the Star!

An attractive young architect giving a presentation to some colleagues.

Speaking with Total Confidence!

In this fun and interactive one-night course, professional public speaker Matt Randall will have you speaking with total confidence in just 2 hours.

How is he able to produce such quick results?  Matt has been coaching debate and public speaking for over 30 years.  He knows dozens of tricks that you can learn easily to speak with confidence in any situation.  Whether your need is to introduce yourself confidently at a party or to speak before thousands at a convention, this course will help you look like a pro in no time.

Each participant will have an opportunity to present a short speech to the group of supportive listeners.

Bring a notepad and dress comfortably casual.

Invite a friend or coworker!


Questions?  Call Matt at 603.767.6500.

Everyone likes Free Stuff!

I just learned a new trick!  I always get excited when I learn something new, especially when it helps my friends earn free stuff.

If you haven’t experienced a Seacret WOW party yet, then you are really missing out.  What can be better than having fun with friends while experiencing the benefits of great skin care products and facials?  Ok, maybe including drinks can be more fun.

Honestly, my family begs me to have more of these parties because they are such a blast – kids and all!  Yes, my kids love doing the facials with adults.  The teens are seeing terrific results from the acne regimen and my older customers are addicted to the age-defying line.  They see noticeable results in just 15 minutes.

Oh, and for those who think skin care is just for girls, believe it or not, 60% of Seacret customers and agents are men. So, Guys…let’s get your mud on!

Here is the part where you come in…you can earn free product credit and gifts when you host your own Seacret WOW party.  All the details are on my new Seacret website including a short a video explanation.

Check it out by clicking this link and schedule yours today.IMG_4278IMG_4319IMG_4259



When you see a good thing…

You know the old saying, “There are two kinds of people…”  Well, there are always two kinds of people in the world.  In this case there are those who see a good thing and share it, or those who keep it for themselves.  I believe in sharing when I see a good thing.  There is another old saying that the only way for you to grow is for you to help others grow.  “The rising tide lifts all the boats”, etc.

So, I want to share a Seacret with you (see what I did there?).  I am a Seacret Agent with Seacret Direct and I’m very fortunate to work closely with one of the top-selling Seacret Agents in the world, who lives close by in Maine.  Yes, Maine, of all places. I know, you think all successful people live in NY or Chicago. Mike Roy has done very well in many businesses and now is raking in money selling the best skin products available.

Mike hosting a series of webinars this week and I want to invite you to listen.  No obligation, just listen to Mike explain about the products, this history of the company, and the business plan behind it.  Like me, you may decide you like what you hear, and then, you may not.  Mike has a successful history in business, so why is he selling Seacret?  Maybe he knows something we don’t?  It can’t hurt to listen.

Join me tonight as I listen in using the following login information:

Webinars scheduled for this week at 8pm – Monday June 8, Tuesday June 9, Thursday June 11, Sat and Sun also.
1. CALL 702-589-8350 CODE IS 2423747#
2. Go To website www.roym.glance.net

If you like what you hear and want to know more, contact me.

~ Matt Randall, Seacret Agent


Blogging my little heart out


Well, it’s been a busy few days redesigning websites and creating blogs for all the crazy stuff I do.

Take a look at my new LINKS page for a roadmap to the insanity.

Please FOLLOW some of these blogs to get some good advice, great tips, or just fun stuff.

Please COMMENT on posts.  I love comments, good, bad, and ugly.  If you are a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy, then it’s all just feedback. Right?

And, of course….SHARE these sites with your social networks!!!!!!!!

Networking for fun and profit

I had a wonderful time this morning at One More Referral in Dover, NH meeting new business owners.  This was my first time with this group and I want to thank friends of mine for introducing me to the organization.  It’s always fun to be introduced to new people and learn about their business and products.

What always puzzles me is how many people I meet that are extremely knowledgable about their products and happy to share this information in a one-on-one meeting, but freeze and stutter when they speak before a small group.  Even worse, many pass up the opportunity to due 10 minute presentations because they are shy about standing in front of the group.

Generally, the problem with public speaking is a lack of confidence, not in the product or company, but in one’s ability to organize one’s thoughts around them.  If you feel you could use more confidence in preparing a presentation, please contact me.  I can show you some easy techniques that will help you organize your presentation for maximum effect and make it fun.

Networking meetings can be a whole lot of fun when you get over the stress of speaking.  I can help.  Let’s make it fun.



Hello, Everyone.

Welcome to my new website.

I’m Matt Randall and I seem to have an addiction to creating projects, businesses, and websites.
As an Author, Speaker, Martial Artist, Mentor, Teacher, Business Owner, App Developer, Internet Marketer, World Champion Gold Medalist, Competitive Public Speaker, and father of 6 children, I tend to keep myself pretty busy.

Since I have so many projects and so many websites, my kids finally told me to create a website where people could find everything in one place.  So, here it is.  All things “Matt Randall” in one convenient site.

I hope you enjoy poking around.  Please remember to stop by every now and then as I will be adding more…

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