Open House


Come on down and try the absolute best skincare and haircare products available featuring minerals from the Dead Sea.


 – Monday, November 23, 2015 at 6:30PM

 – Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 7:30pm


 – 4 Broadway, Dover, NH 03820

Samples of almost the entire Seacret product line will be available to try.

Skin type analysis and consultation available.

Do you have skin issues such as:

  • psoriasis or eczema
  • uneven skin tone
  • rosacea
  • dry skin
  • oily skin
  • age signs, wrinkles, deep lines, spots
  • cracked heels or fingers
  • acne
  • scarring
  • want your tattoo to shine like it’s new?

See what Seacret’s amazing products can do for you.

Black Friday orders may be placed these evenings for incredible savings.  Tell your friends.


Now is the Time!


Getting the perfect gifts for you and the people you love begins with SEACRET™ Black Friday Deals.

STEP ONE – The Customer Order Form – BF-CustomerOrderForm

  • Check out the amazing Holiday Gift Sets! Only here while supplies last and they will sell out.
  • These prices are incredible and the packages are so beautiful they don’t need to be wrapped.
  • AGENTS – ask me for the separate agent order form or look in your back office online. Yes, agent pricing is even better than the VIP pricing, of course. If you are not yet an agent, as me how you can become an agent before Friday.
  • VIP/ELITE CUSTOMERS – check off the items you want, fill out the shipping/payment information, and return the form to me before Friday. Yes, you can order through your personal web portal, but see STEP THREE first.
  • RETAIL – if you are not yet a VIP/ELITE customer or AGENT, then you will be shopping RETAIL. The discounted pricing is still great, but even better at VIP. Simply fill out the order form and return to me before Friday. It’s easy to become a VIP or AGENT by Friday. Ask me how.
  • A LA CARTE – Yes, you can purchase items a la cart, and some are as much as 75% off retail. Use this to replenish items you currently use, add to your product assortment, or put together your own gift baskets. HINT…stocking stuffers!!!

STEP TWO – The Wish List – BF-WishList

  • The Wish List is a great way to let your friends and family choose their own gift sets. Why not? It’s better than guessing.
  • Have them fill out the Wish List, then fill out the Order Form and return to me before Friday.

STEP THREE – Placing Orders

  • Why is it critical that you return your order forms to me before Friday?
    • This is a 24-hour sale, one day only, Black Friday, starting at midnight PST (3am EST).
    • Quantities are limited and the gift sets are sure to sell out quickly.
    • I will be up between 3-4am EST to place all orders. Unless you are planning to order through your own VIP web portal at that time, I wouldn’t risk trying to do it yourself.
  • Send your orders to me before Friday by any of the following methods:
    • Scan or Photo and email to
    • Scan or Photo and text to 603-767-6500.
    • Call me to meet in person.
    • I would not trust snail mail, pony express, or carrier pigeon with something this important.
    • I will confirm all orders received. If you don’t hear back from me within the hour, call me to see what went wrong.


Black Friday Deals!

12243041_927310890657171_847530620971888681_nSEACRET™ is celebrating Black Friday with amazing deals.

If you need to replenish supplies, make your first order, or are finally ready to become a SEACRET™ Agent, then this is the week to do it.


  1. This Friday, November 20, 2015, SEACRET™ will let all agents (Me!) know what is going on sale and for how much.
  2. Use the attached order form to make your wish list, but ignore any normal pricing you see there. OrderForm
  3. Call me this weekend (603-767-6500) for advice on how to take advantage of the Black Friday deals and create bundles for yourself or gift baskets for the holidays.
  4. I’ll place your orders on Friday and save you a ton of money.


If you are already SEACRET™ Agent, you will get even more amazing savings on Black Friday.

If you want to become a SEACRET™ Agent, just call me to get started (603-767-6500) so you can experience incredible deals and opportunities.

If you are already a VIP customer, you can place orders through your own SEACRET™ web portal on Black Friday.

Call me to learn more about becoming a VIP customer before Black Friday.

I know several tips and tricks to save you a bundle.

This is the best time of year to host a SEACRET™ WOW! Spa Party.

  • Gather your friends to have a fun and relaxing time.
  • Spa parties can be done at your home or my office.
  • The host can earn loads of free product credit.
  • There is never any pressure to buy anything or become an agent.
  • I do all the work. You just invite friends.
  • A great idea is to have facials before a night out on the town.

You don’t have to be a SEACRET™ Agent or a VIP customer to host a party. Ask me how you can host a party and earn free products before you ever spend a dime.


Matt Randall


Who likes to party?

YES! It’s party time!

This Wednesday will be another fun Seacret Party at 4 Broadway, Dover, NH.

The party starts at 730PM and you are welcome to bring friends.

3 Reasons why you want to come to the party this Wednesday:

1. free facial (of course)

2. if you are a VIP customer and you bring a friend, I’ll give you a prize (can’t tell you what it is, because it’s a secret)

3. I’ll show you how to save money BIG TIME with the Black Friday specials coming very soon!!!!!!!!


I’m looking for someone to sponsor/host the party.

All that means is that you will bring at least 3 friends and I do all the work.

Why would you do that?

Because, as the party host, you will get credit for anything the whole groups buys and that means FREE PRODUCTS for you.

Here is a flyer about how to host a party – HostParty

Just remember that all you need to do is invite people. I’ll do all the work.


Let’s put some mud on your face and have a great time.

Matt Randall – Seacret Agent

Eye MakeUp Remover – 10% Off

10453316_923303597724567_803044792518033396_nThis week only – Seacret Eye MakeUp Remover is 10% Off!

Effectively removes all types of eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, Dual phase, oil-free formula thoroughly cleanses and protects the delicate skin of the eye.

Remember – Friends don’t let friends use cheap crap on their skin.

Get the best, get Seacret and protect your skin from signs of aging.

Get some for you and give some to a friend. Why? Because you are a good friend.

Speaking of friends…does anyone know the guys from Green Day? I’ll send them a free bottle, if you can get me their number. Just a thought.

Free Webinar – Be Your Own Boss

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your own boss? Call your own shots? Run your own show? And all those other cliche’s…

For me, the real appeal to owning my own business is that I can choose when, where, and with whom I want to work. I am also in control of how much I want to make and how much effort I choose to put into it. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not all days at the beach with a margarita in hand, in fact, my boss is a real slave driver. ;-)

Starting your own business is really not that difficult and it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. You could easily get going for just a few hundred dollars.

If you are curious, take a little time this week, any night, Monday through Friday at 8pm, to watch a free live webinar.

Either call in or visit the website:
1. CALL 702-589-8350 CODE IS 2423747#
2. Go To website

Let me know what you think of it after you watch or listen. 603-767-6500

~ Matt Randall – Head Honcho

Need Office Space?

Office space in the Portsmouth area can be a great idea, whether you are looking to move or just want a mailbox and phone number with the prestigious Portsmouth, NH address, or maybe you need a conference room to meet with clients.

To be fair, I have 2 friends who represent great office spaces in Portsmouth and both have availability at this time.

They each offer office rental space, virtual office services, and conference room space.

One is New England Office Suites located on Lafayette Rd, in the south end of Portsmouth. Contact Paula at 603-610-7100 for a tour.

The other is REGUS Office Suites located near the malls. Contact Tia at 603-205-8502 for tour.

Both of these spaces, and the women who manage them, are very nice and professional.

Please schedule a tour and tell them Matt sent you. You may be amazed at how easy it is to locate your office in Portsmouth.


Finally! Another new website

Portrait of a gray wolf in winter coat

Ok, so I’ve done it again. I created another website. Sorry, I just can’t help it.

There is a good reason, though.

After a long time debating over how to structure my new coaching business, it finally has a name and it’s own site.


To find out why it’s called TimberWolf, you will have to check the ABOUT page.

Poke around and let me know what you think of it, but keep in mind it’s really the first draft.

Remember to FOLLOW MY BLOG for great articles, tips, tricks, and crazy ideas.

Asking Open-Ended Questions in Sales

question1Sometimes sales people get stuck in a conversation and don’t know what questions to ask to keep the conversation moving. It happens to all of us occasionally and it feels a little awkward.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you ran out of questions it must be time to ‘go for the close’. The close can only happen when you have all the right questions answered, have discovered the customer’s real needs, and have an agreement that you probably should do business together.

Below is a list of 25 open-ended questions that may help you get unstuck when talking with a potential customer in the initial discovery phase. A good way to learn and practice these is to pick 3-5 each week that you will remember and use.

Of course, these questions represent just 1 of 10 stages in a proper consultative sales process. To learn more, or if you want someone to roleplay with, contact me. I love to roleplay with sales.

  1. What has been your growth the last three years?
  2. What is your vision for the future?
  3. What has changed most about your business in the last ___ year(s)?
  4. What do your customers most value about your company?
  5. How are you organized now?
  6. What are the biggest challenges you are facing?
  7. How will these challenges affect you?
  8. What problems have you been experiencing?
  9. How much will you be impacted financially if this continues?
  10. What financial benefits would you realize if you could ________?
  11. What strategies are you pursuing?
  12. What are some of the most exciting opportunities you face in the future?
  13. How will you measure success?
  14. What needs to change from where it is today?
  15. What would you like to accomplish?
  16. What is the competition doing that you should be doing?
  17. Where does your firm have a competitive advantage?
  18. If you had a magic wand…….what results would you like to see?
  19. What is most important to you, personally, in resolving this issue? Why is that?
  20. How would you prioritize your needs?
  21. What conditions need to be satisfied for our companies to do business?
  22. What budget have you established?
  23. What kind of time frame are you working on?
  24. What is important to you in working with external suppliers?
  25. Other than yourself, who else will be involved in the decision to move forward?

~ Matt Randall – Business Coach, Sales Trainer, Leadership Development Expert, and Roleplaying Enthusiast

A tip for better TIPS

professional-wait-staff1I tend to eat out quite a bit and I’m always amazed by the differences in service amongst staff at varying restaurants. Some establishments seem to do an exceptional job at training their waitstaff on the details that produce higher sales and better TIPS, while others don’t seem to get any training beyond how to write an order.

(BTW…I was a waiter and bartender for several years right after college)

The acronym TIPS has a history that is unclear, but most often it’s English use stands for To Insure Proper Service, or To Insure Prompt Service, etc.

You don’t have to work for a 5-star restaurant to treat your customers like they are eating at one. Whether you work at Chili’s or Ruth’s Chris, there are some subtleties that will help you bring home more bacon.

Here a few of the more advanced techniques used by servers who are frequently requested and earn higher TIPS:

  1. If you can, take the order without writing it down. Customers are very impressed if you can remember the order and all its details without having to write it. This assumes that you can get the order to kitchen with no mistakes. Along the same line, try to recite the day’s specials without notes. It shows a higher level of skill and attention to detail that often gets higher TIPS.
  2. Write your name on a napkin. I’ve noticed that some restaurants, like Uno’s, do this as a habit. Customers like to know who you are when they need to call you over for something and they feel embarrassed when they can’t remember your name. At the end of the meal, write your name on the bill and give it a heart or smiley face.
  3. Depending on the type of restaurant and your dress code, squatting down to eye level with the customers can also improve your relationship, especially when children are giving their own orders. It prevents neck strain for some adults and makes children feel more comfortable.
  4. If your party looks like they are celebrating an occasion, offer to take their photo. They may not think to ask or may not feel comfortable asking, so take the lead and show initiative. Make it fun and go the extra mile by having the manager or chef join in the photo. Everyone wants to meet the boss and you can make a simple meal a memory to share on social media.

redlobsterwaitresspromoThese a just a few fun and easy details that can help you earn better TIPS. Remember it’s all about creating a relationship with your customers that changes you from some nobody bringing food to a member to the family.

For a list of 100 DONT’S that you should read, visit

If you are a professional server or bartender looking to maximize your potential and earnings in this fun career, please contact me for some advanced training.  I want you to be the person everyone asks for when they go out to eat.

Akbars-Restaurant-Owner-Shabir-Hussain-2If you are a restaurateur who desires to improve sales, I can show you ways to train your staff that will send your numbers into orbit. Contact me for a staff training session that will turn your customers into raving fans.

~ Matt Randall, Business Coach, Sales Trainer, Leadership Developer, and Professional Diner