Public Speaking

MR_8920_Logo_FinalI have been a competitive public speaker since high school.  I joined our high school debate team because I was afraid of public speaking.  True Story.  My parents taught me that you should face your fears head-on and that’s what I did.  I went from being shy and afraid to speak in public to taking trophies at speech and debate competitions from NH to DC.  I don’t think I would have developed that level of courage and confidence if it hadn’t been for a fantastic coach, Mugsy.  He was very supportive to this shy and geeky kid and I am forever grateful for his tutelage.

In college I discovered that there existed no club to feed my addiction, so I helped to start one.  As part of the UNH Speech and Debate Team, I competed all over the eastern seaboard.  After graduation, I continued on the coach of the team for several years.

Later, as a business owner, I took courses in public speaking to change my skill set from competition to presentation.  Course such as Dale Carnegie’s Public Speaking program proved very helpful in networking with other business owners and presenting at meetings such The Rotary Club, Jaycee’s, and local Chamber’s of Commerce.

Being the competitive spirit that I am, I still needed the feel the thrill of going for the gold, so I joined Toastmasters International. This was a fantastic experience as the group was lively, energetic, and very supportive to all levels of speakers, but best of all, my group loved to compete.  I attended many competitions throughout New England and was very fortunate to win many awards.

Today I have opportunities to present at networking sessions, business after hours meetings, awards ceremonies, and so many other business functions.  I also sponsor my own seminars, workshops, and events where I have the pleasure of presenting to audiences large and small.

In learning a skill, there are basically three levels on the mastery – learn, practice, teach.  I love to teach what I have learned about public speaking.  It helps others and it helps me to grow.  There is no better way to perfect your skills than to share them with others.

If you are a business professional who needs to perform any of these services, then contact me right away.

  • Leading or addressing teams effectively with confidence
  • Delivering 1 minute business introductions at networking meetings
  • Presenting information at meetings
  • Cold Calling
  • Business sales scripting
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Facilitating committee meetings
  • Creating video instruction or promotion material
  • Delivering a eulogy, toast, roast, or introducing another speaker
  • Chairperson of an organization
  • And, of course, competitive public speaking

Group Workshops and Individual Coaching are available.  Please see those pages for more information.