Group Workshops

Multi-ethnic co-workers sitting in a row, applauding at tableFor over 30 years, Matt has offered group workshops and individual coaching on public speaking.  Groups tend to be very fun as we can all learn from each other’s experience and interaction.  In group workshops we have the advantage of being able to watch, listen, learn, and offer valuable critique to fellow students while perfecting our own skills.  Group workshops are informal and interactive with opportunities to practice your delivery before a friendly and supportive team of like-minded individuals.

Participants are always encouraged to bring their own concerns and questions to the workshops as this adds value to the learning experience.

If you have a group with specific needs, a workshop can be customized for you.

Common topics include:

  • Ditch the Head Trash – overcoming fears of public speaking
  • Effective use of visual aids in presentations – from paper to Power Point and crazy ideas to WOW the crowd
  • Fear of the phone – telemarketing sales success
  • Road Warrior Success – tips and tricks for outside sales
  • The Leader Within – effective communication for business leaders
  • Acing the Interview – get that job!
  • MLM Sales Success – introductions and overcoming objections for independent agents

Individual coaching is also available.  Visit that page for more information.

To see which group events are coming soon, visit our EVENT PAGE.