Individual Coaching

ic1TimberWolf Coaching is proud to offer coaching on an individual basis for anyone who wants to improve or strengthen his or her communication skills.

Whether you are an occasional host for an event, a seminar facilitator, a spokesperson for a company, someone who appears on video, a person who presents webinars, or you address groups on a regular basis at work, individual coaching can help strengthen your delivery, improve your ability to motivate and inspire your audience, or simply reduce nervousness and unwelcome habits.  In addition to group workshops, many managers and leaders seek individual coaching to focus on specific needs that will help them become more successful in their careers.

Individual coaching is completely customized to meet your needs and desires. Opportunities are created to practice conversations, sales presentations, delivering your vision to groups, or any other situation that you need to be completely confident addressing.  These practice sessions may be recorded for review and critique, if you choose to.

Since individual coaching is customized, you may determine the topics and the timeframe for coaching.  It starts with a private consultation to assess your needs and whether we can help.

videoconfNOTE: Individual coaching may done in the privacy of your home or office, either in person, or via video conference.

Available coaching topics vary widely and can include any of the following areas that you’d like to improve.

Below are some common requests:

  • Controlling Nervousness
  • Speaking Clearly
  • Sounding Confident
  • Sounding Competent
  • Sounding Professional
  • Being Persuasive
  • Mastering Non-Verbal Behavior
  • Using Speaker Aids
  • Handling Questions
  • Organizing Effectively
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Telephone Sales
  • Delivering your Vision Persuasively
  • …and much more

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