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leadership_schoolHow can teachers, and entire school systems, create LEADERS in the classroom?

The answer is not in talking about kids becoming leaders, but in creating opportunities for them to be leaders.

Matt Randall takes a fun and creative approach to helping teachers turn students into leaders.

As an educator with over 25 years of teaching experience, Matt is a expert at creating leaders.

He helps teachers discover their leadership style so that they can create a culture of leadership in their classrooms.

Notice that we didn’t say, “He shows teachers fun ways to create leadership exercises for students”.

All leadership starts from the top down.  If you want leaders in your classroom, you need to be a model of the leadership you want to see in your students.  Remember Ghandi, “Be the change…”?

This is not a motivational speech with a handout on things to add to your curriculum.

This is a strategic plan for restructuring your classroom to be more fun, interactive, inspirational, motivational, and yes…a place to develop leaders with real-world life skills and experiences that they will remember forever.  This may mean adjusting your leadership style to be more effective.  Sorry if that thought scares you or sounds abrasive, but I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to create leaders.

All this can be done while teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Actually, it can be even more fun than ever and probably more effective.

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