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Get Your Stuff Together!

Don’t you think it’s time you Get Your Stuff Together?GYST1

GYST is a new kind of Master Mastermind Group.

What makes GYST special?

You have the power of a traditional mastermind group with the unique benefit of two professional coaches to guide and direct the meetings as well as lend their years of experience.

With the support of a business coach AND life coach behind you, imagine how much that can supercharge your growth and progress.

You’ve never seen a mastermind group quite like GYST.

Whether you have experienced other mastermind groups in the past or this is your first time, GYST will kick start your life and business.

Next GYST meeting:

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


One Hundred Club, Portsmouth, NH


Core Beliefs:Money

What are your core beliefs around money? They may be holding you back and you don’t even know it.

Before you read any further, look at the picture here and ask what your first thought is. Yes, your first instinct before you attach any other rationalization to it, and be honest.

money2According to the Centre for Clinical Interventions, Core Beliefs are strongly-held, rigid, and inflexible beliefs that are maintained by the tendency to focus on information that supports the belief and ignoring evidence that contradicts it. Core beliefs are the very essence of how we see ourselves, other people, the world, and the future.

Core beliefs happen in the background and guide our every thought and decision. When it comes to money, if you don’t have what you feel is enough, then it is most likely your core beliefs preventing you from achieving the wealth that you deserve. Even the thought of what you feel is enough, is a core belief that may limit you.

Ask yourself if you were brought up with these old sayings and if you still use them on occasion:

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • It’s only money.
  • Money is there to be spent.
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
  • I’m just not very good with money.
  • My family has never been rich.
  • There is never enough money.
  • You have to work too hard to get wealthy.
  • It’s selfish to want too much money.
  • You’re either rich or healthy.
  • Matthew 24 – Again, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
  • I’ll never get out of debt.
  • The system works against me.
  • I don’t deserve a lot of money when others have so much less than me.
  • It is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable.
  • Being rich is a sin.
  • Having too much is greedy.
  • I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I had it.
  • All rich people are bad.
  • Corporations make too much and keep people poor.
  • I can’t seem to save any money.
  • If I don’t have any then nobody can steal it.
  • They call it ‘filthy rich’ for a reason.
  • Money changes people.

This list could go on all day.

If you are still broke or struggling, then I humbly suggest you harbor some of these core beliefs. Let’s chat about that and make some changes because you deserve to have more in your life. Contact me for a free consultation.

2017 Event Schedule

timberwolfcoaching-grey-cropThe 2017 Event Schedule, being hosted by, is currently in construction.

Below is the proposed list of topics and it would be helpful if you could comment on which events you might like to attend. Thanks in advance for all your support.

May 19 – Unleash Your Social Media Marketing Potential

Tips, tricks, and strategies for learning to use social media most effectively.

June 9 – Your Website Sucks! (but, it can be fixed)

Website design, SEO, Google Analytics, Content, Blogs, Vlogs, Shopping Carts, etc.

TBD – True Colors with Yvonne Prince

A Women’s Empowerment and Motivation Series

TBD – Women Business Leaders

What does it take for women to be successful in today’s business world?

TBD – Step-By-Step

How to start your own business

TBD – Top Earners Summit

New England Network Marketing leaders discuss what it takes to earn 6 figures.

TBD – Ladies Night – Merlot and Mud

Learn how to have a luxury facial at home for less than $20.

TBD – Internet Security at Home and Office

A panel discussion about protecting your information on PC, tablet, smartphone, and cloud.

TBD – Light the Fire!

Health and Wellness for the busy and stressed CEO or Manager.

TBD – Men’s Night – Scotch and Skin

For guys who want look and feel younger.

Event sponsorship opportunities available.

Get your brand in front of hundreds of local business leaders and consumers.

Interested in hosting an event?

Let TimberWolf Coaching help you with planning, preparation, marketing, and possibly hosting.

Contact us first to do it right.

Mondays are AWESOME!

mondaysMondays are the BEST!

No, I haven’t gone completely bonkers. Every day you wake up is a new opportunity, a new challenge, and a fresh start.

Because I enjoy what I do for a living and love helping people reach their goals, weekends are a bit of a let down. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with my family and getting some home projects completed is great, but Monday through Friday I have an opportunity to change lives and help others improve their businesses. Mondays, for me, are the start of 5 days of servant leadership. Yes, I get paid for it, but that’s just bonus. For me the real reward is helping others make changes in their lives that will bring them closer to their full potential.

And…because I work from home, I have the great fortune to determine my schedule, my work load, my income level, and my destiny. In reality, I have no ceiling on what my potential may be. It is limited only by the number people I am able to help.

One of the things that makes me sad is to see the number of posts on social media that talk about how much people look forward to the weekend because they hate their jobs or, how they hate Mondays because it means they have to go back to the meaningless drudgery of earning a paycheck so they can afford to have fun on the weekend again. Do you really want to spend 40+ years of your life working for the weekend?

If you have ever thought about starting your own business, contact me. I love helping people realize their dreams and replace “I have to go to work” with “Yes, it’s another Monday!”.

Why go to college?

I saw this and couldn’t resist posting. College isn’t for everyone and, if it’s not for you, then why spend the money and the next 20+ years paying off loans?


I did go to college. Got a degree in Political Science. What did I do with my degree? I spent a year in insurance then I opened a martial arts school full time. Why? Because I followed my passion instead of buying into the 40-40-40 corporate plan.

Work 40 hours a week (Ha! If only.)

For 40 years of your life (Really? Who can retire after just 40 years?)

Live the rest of your life on 40% of your income (That sounds like fun?)

If you feel stuck in the 40-40-40 nightmare and want to know other options, that’s what I help people do.

While I would never recommend you open a martial arts school, as the failure rate is astronomical, I can show you how to open a your own home-based business for less than $1K. You can enjoy the tax benefits of business write-offs, open business retirement accounts, take control of your future, and create your own schedule.

Is it easy? Well, money doesn’t just fall in your lap. Owning your own business is work, but if you want to take charge of your life, then the work is worth it. And, you can start part-time while you carefully work yourself out of the 40-40-40 rat race.

Is owning your own business for everyone? NO! Some people enjoy the structure and security(?) of the corporate world. Being your own boss is only for people who want to take back control of their lives.

If you are at least 18, you can start your own business. You don’t need a college degree. Oh, heck, in reality, you don’t even need a high school diploma. In fact, most of the world’s millionaires and billionaires don’t have one. One of my mentors is a self-made millionaire and high school dropout.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many others, never finished college. What they have is an overwhelming desire to rule their own worlds, follow their passions, and create their destinies.

Contact me if you are ready to start on the road to independence. It’s easier than you think.

Avoid Divorce Court

According to a survey of Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) Professionals, the top reasons for divorce are as follows in this graph:


If you do a search for the ’causes of divorce’ you will find that almost every study agrees with at least 3 of the same items being in the top 10:

  1. Financial issues
  2. Infidelity or other sexual issues
  3. Abuse – physical, mental, or chemical

“Marriage is about LOVE. Divorce is about MONEY.”

Fortunately for you, at Light The FIRE! on March 11, 2017 we will be addressing many of these issues as they relate to keeping your business and relationships healthy.

Kaz Randall, certified life coach, will be addressing balancing work and family. She is a business owner, mother of 6, and married for 23 years to a man who is admittedly not easy to live with (me). She knows all about balancing work and a demanding family schedule.

Van Ballantyne, financial coach, will help put some of your financial stress to rest and Tong Fei, sex educator, will give some candid advice for putting the spark back in your bedroom.

In addition, Susan Odden, health coach, will help you meet your nutrition goals while Sean Stellmach, fitness coach, will show you ways to meet your fitness goals. Why? because many other studies will list weight gain and lack of energy with divorce caused by lack of sexual satisfaction and incompatibility in the relationship.

Who do you know who would benefit from being happier at work and home?

How about your leadership/management team? Do you hear grumbling about too much work and not enough play?

Avoid divorce court by coming to Light the FIRE! on March 11, 2017. Use this link to register.

I am the sum result of all my decisions to this point

As the first snowflakes fall on this fine New England day in February, I reflect on how grateful and fortunate I am to have so much abundance in my life; Family, friends, health, and the fortune to be born in a country with great freedoms. First, I thank God for making everything possible. Next, I am grateful for having made some good choices in my life, but I am also thankful for some of the poor choices that taught me valuable lessons, like humility and resourcefulness.

decisionsWhile at times it may be easier to whine about the difficulties of life, I believe the hardest lesson of all is to remember that I am where I am because of the choices I have made and I own those choices along with the consequences they produced, for better or for worse. I am the product of my choices every step of the way. I am not who I am and where I am because of anything someone or something has done to me. My life is my life because I design it that way, whether through decision or through indecision.

Because I choose to be a person who takes responsibility for my beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, and results, I will never be the type of person who blames others, the government, the world, the weather, God, or some other entity for why my life is the way it is. Does this deny the idea that a meteor could land on my home and destroy everything I own in an instant; family, property, possessions, savings, etc.? Certainly not! Would that be within my power to control? Absolutely not! But…would I spend the rest of my life singing the ‘Somebody done me wrong’ song? No way!

Occasionally, will something happen that is completely out of your control and causes disaster in our lives? Will precious items get destroyed? Will people die? Will things be lost or stolen? Yes, of course. But, it is how we respond to and deal with these circumstances that define us and shape our lives. We can choose to cry about it all day, or pick ourselves up, put on some gloves, and get to work. This is not to say that we won’t or shouldn’t experience a period of mourning for great loss. That is only natural. But, to continue to mourn and cast blame only serves as a bandage that allows one to stop moving forward indefinitely.

I encourage you to take control of your life by owning your decisions and your results. If you are not where you want to be, then make some changes. Lose that weight. Get that education. Start your own business. Find a good person to love. Get into therapy. Hire a life coach. Fire that lazy employee. Spend less and save more. Paint the kitchen. Clear out your basement. Buy a good book on personal development. Attend a seminar. Get off the recliner and do something.

You can do it! And, so can I. I’m not preaching from an ivory tower. I’m not perfect. I’m not making as much as I would like to. I still haven’t fixed the door on the tree house or finished building the stairs to the kids’ bedrooms (it’s only been about 3 years that I’ve been working on it). I own those results, or lack of. What I will not do is spend all my time on Facebook blaming the Democrats or Republicans or Taliban or ISIS or the stock market or the President…for how my life is. I refuse to give that much of my Personal Power to anyone. This is my life, and with God’s grace I will do the best I can to make it the best life possible for my family.

If you found value in this little rant, then please share it.

If you would like some guidance and direction for your life or your business, then contact me. We all need a little help at times. Perhaps some business or life coaching would be a great start.

Light the FIRE! with Tong


Are you ready for this? Let’s talk about sex. Yes, sex. Let’s talk about how work stress affects your sex life, your relationships, and your satisfaction. We all need it. Shouldn’t we be enjoying it more?

But, what does this have to do with work? For many executives, stress at work affects our relationships at home and our performance in bed. Let’s be completely honest here…lack of a satisfying relationship and sex life also leads to affairs and divorce, which increase our stress level and leads to poor performance at work.

Tong Fei will be presenting the topic ‘How work stress affects your sex life and how to put the spark back in your relationship’ at Light the FIRE! on March 11. This is guaranteed to be an eye-opening conversation. You may want to have your significant other attend with you.

Tong Fei received her MSW degree from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis and currently teaches and organizes the Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health program at Dartmouth College. Tong also serves as the Section Head of Vermont and New Hampshire of AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists). Born and raised in China, Tong lives and loves the life of intersectionality and diversity. Tong believes in and promotes pleasure-oriented holistic sex education/therapy and is dedicated to the work of improving people’s intimate relationships and sexual wellbeing.


Early Bird Discount expires 2/19/17!


Event Sponsorship and Vendor Tables Available.

Light the FIRE! with Matt


Not everyone likes to network. In fact, many people don’t see the value in attending networking events. That’s usually because they leave the event with a handful of business cards and no appointments. There is a system to networking properly and making the time spent turn into business opportunities. And, yes, it can be taught.

Being the high-level executive or business owner that you are, you probably feel very secure in working the room at an event, but…does your staff?

Matt Randall has been a business coach for over 30 years and has attended hundreds of networking events. He knows how to turn an event into opportunities with appointments. At Light the FIRE! on March 11, Matt will teach ‘Secrets to more effective networking’ so you can improve your game and, most importantly, pass those skills to your staff.

Matt will teach:

  • Icebreakers you can use to start a conversation
  • How to properly answer the question “So, what do you do?”
  • How to break away from the needy attention hog
  • What to do if you didn’t bring enough business cards (and, sometimes you don’t want to)
  • How to find the right target prospect
  • What NOT to say
  • Making an appointment without being pushy
  • What if you are an introvert?
  • and much more…

Be ready to write, as this will be an information-packed start to the day.


Early Bird Discount expires 2/19/17!


Event Sponsorship and Vendor Tables Available.

Light the FIRE! with Kaz


Kaz Randall is a certified life coach, but that really doesn’t give her full credit. She has been a business owner for over 25 years, married for 23 years, has 3 biological children, and adopted 3 more children through foster care. When you look up the word busy in the dictionary, it just shows her picture and everyone understands. Add to this that her husband is a chronic and serial entrepreneur. She should be canonized for sainthood.

Being a life coach fulfills Kaz’s need to help others reach their full potential. She enjoys working with people who are busy, committed, determined, and looking for ways to improve. Her tag line, ‘From functional to optimal’ explains her mission well. She works with people who are functioning well, but want more…they want to be their optimal selves. Maybe that’s you? Are you ready to take the next step in your work and family life? To raise the bar? To become more, better, happier, more satisfied, and the best you can be?

Kaz will be presenting the topic ‘Balancing work and family’ at Light the FIRE! on March 11. If your life could use more balance, like most of us, then you will gain much from this session.


Early Bird Discount expires 2/19/17!


Event Sponsorship and Vendor Tables Available.