Having the right equipment and uniforms is very important for your safety and comfort while training.  Pay close attention to the following information.


All uniforms must be purchased directly from your instructor through our office.

This video in How To Tie Your Belt may be helpful –

  • Dress Uniform – for formal occasions such as testing, graduation, seminars, guest instructors, and any other events where we will probably take photos.  This uniform is where all your patches and other insignia should be attached.
  • Workout Uniform – for daily training. This uniform can be kept plain with just the MRBBA logos on it.
  • Team Uniforms – see your instructor for details if you belong to a team.
  • Summer Uniforms – consist of workout uniform bottoms, official MRBBA T-shirt, and belt.
  • Outdoor Training Uniforms – if classes are being held outdoors, then workout uniform bottoms may be replaced by shorts, official MRBBA T-shirt, and belt.
  • Official MRBBA T-shirts may be ordered through our Zazzle Store at 

Safety Equipment and Weapons

We no longer stock sparring gear, weapons, pads, and other equipment at MRBBA. There are many places on the internet where these items can be purchased and many fun styles available.

Always ask your instructor before purchasing to make sure you get the correct items authorized by our insurance company. Your instructor has final and absolute approval of any equipment to be used in class.

Helmet with cage

  • Safety Equipment – the sparring gear required for class consists of Helmet, Hand Pads, Foot Pads, Mouth Guard, and Cup for guys.  Optional equipment may include Shin Guards, Rib Guard, and Face Shield for Helmet.  ALL SPARRING GEAR MUST BE MADE OF ‘DIPPED FOAM’.  Elastic and cloth gear is not allowed in class. Hand pads and foot pads must cover the fingers and toes.
  • Weapons – consult you instructor prior to purchasing for advice on sizing and design. No sharpened edged weapons will be allowed in class, such as swords, knives, and kama.
  • Targets and Shields – it is recommended that all students have some kicking and punching targets for home practice and for classroom partner drills. Ask your instructor what is appropriate for your rank and age.

Listed below are the 3 largest suppliers of martial arts equipment. We have used them in the past and feel good recommending their service and products. Be cautious accepting hand-me-downs from friends or buying from sites like Ebay. Please tell them Master Randall sent you.