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Some of the smartest people I know

Some of the smartest people I know are making extra income on the side.

It’s called a ‘side hustle’ and more than 44 million Americans have one, according CNN, just to get by or with the dream of getting off the hamster wheel.


If you have a little more month left at the end of your money, then you might think about getting your own side hustle. #sidehustle

I can help you get started. Just send me a personal message and I’ll send you some information to consider. Who knows? Maybe the right side hustle can put you on the path to success and get you off of the road to nowhere.

Seacret #Sidehustle from Core Global System on Vimeo.



Support our Future Troops

Help support our Future Troops and look great in the process.

Help support families struggling to go to Army National Guard graduation in September.
Our son, Mackenzie, is graduating in September and will be an MP in the Army soon. Graduation is set for September 7 in Missouri. Families with soldiers from all over the country are planning to attend, but some are struggling financially with the costs of travel. These families are known as ‘Platoon 4’.

Kaz and I have created a fundraiser to help those families in need. It’s fun, easy and rewarding to help.

Visit Kaz’s Seacret Party at: https://www.seacretdirect.com/kazrandall1215/en/us/party/…
1 – RSVP for the party, which begins now and will end on July 31.
2 – SHOP for great skincare products from the Dead Sea.
3 – BECOME A VIP using OPTION 2 by purchasing at least $99. If you spend over $150, use discount code ENJOY50 to get $50 off your first order and free shipping.

That’s it. I’ll donate 100% of my commissions from this party to Platoon 4 needy families.
Thank you for supporting our troops.


Formal Education V Self Education

Thank you to the late great Jim Rohn for this – “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”


I’ve been self-employed since I was 18. Yes, along the way, I have held jobs with other companies, but I remained self-employed at the same time. Now, in many regards, I’m unemployable.

Today, one of my missions is to help other people escape the Rat Race and build their own businesses. There are basically four types of business models (with many sub categories):

  • Manufacturing
  • Distributor
  • Retail
  • Franchise

Whichever model you choose, I can help you get it started properly. Business coaching is the shortcut to making sure you don’t waste money and become another statistic on the business roadkill highway.

If you have toyed with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, contact me. Maybe it’s right for you and maybe it’s not. Let’s see if you have what it takes.

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2017 Event Schedule

timberwolfcoaching-grey-cropThe 2017 Event Schedule, being hosted by TimberWolfCoaching.com, is currently in construction.

Below is the proposed list of topics and it would be helpful if you could comment on which events you might like to attend. Thanks in advance for all your support.

May 19 – Unleash Your Social Media Marketing Potential

Tips, tricks, and strategies for learning to use social media most effectively.

June 9 – Your Website Sucks! (but, it can be fixed)

Website design, SEO, Google Analytics, Content, Blogs, Vlogs, Shopping Carts, etc.

TBD – True Colors with Yvonne Prince

A Women’s Empowerment and Motivation Series

TBD – Women Business Leaders

What does it take for women to be successful in today’s business world?

TBD – Step-By-Step

How to start your own business

TBD – Top Earners Summit

New England Network Marketing leaders discuss what it takes to earn 6 figures.

TBD – Ladies Night – Merlot and Mud

Learn how to have a luxury facial at home for less than $20.

TBD – Internet Security at Home and Office

A panel discussion about protecting your information on PC, tablet, smartphone, and cloud.

TBD – Light the Fire!

Health and Wellness for the busy and stressed CEO or Manager.

TBD – Men’s Night – Scotch and Skin

For guys who want look and feel younger.

Event sponsorship opportunities available.

Get your brand in front of hundreds of local business leaders and consumers.

Interested in hosting an event?

Let TimberWolf Coaching help you with planning, preparation, marketing, and possibly hosting.

Contact us first to do it right.

Are you ready?

As a business coach, I help people all day long start living their dreams in all forms of business.

There are many ways to start your own business.

  • Brick&Mortar Storefront
  • Franchise
  • Online Sales
  • Licensing
  • Partnership
  • Non-Profit
  • and others

Nothing, repeat, Nothing is better, easier, more fun, less expensive, and less risky than getting started part-time in a Direct Sales home-based business.

In addition, if worked properly, Direct Sales offers the absolute best bonuses and earning potential. Unlimited Earning Potential!

If you want to learn more, without any pressure or obligations, let’s get together to chat.

Direct Sales may or may not be right for you, but you won’t know unless we talk.
I’ll give you the straight talk and no BS.

Below is a terrific story about a family hit by hard times who are now millionaires. I know them personally and they are wonderful people who work very hard and practice servant leadership. Success couldn’t have happened to nicer people. The good news is it can also happen to you.

You are right where you belong

We hear much talk about this generation being the ‘entitlement generation’. You know, whiners who believe the world owes them something because everybody has done them wrong or they were simply raised with too much ‘positive reinforcement’ and not enough consequence or discipline.


I’m not going to argue the merits of this point, but I will simply state an irrefutable law of life. You are exactly where you belong and deserve to be. The good news is…you can change that at any time.

You are where you are based solely on the choices you have made. Sure, you can sing the ‘somebody done me wrong’ song all day, but in the end you will not escape the fact that where you are is totally a factor of your mindset and the choices that got you this far. If you watch TV, do you choose programming that enriches your mind or numbs it to forget about the day’s problems? If you read books, do you choose self-help, biography, or romance? This is not a criticism of your choices, just a simple example of how they effect where you are mentally. You can do things that will move you forward, move your backwards, or keep you right where you are. The choice is yours.

You have what you have based solely on the actions you have taken. Yah, but…the government this, and the economy that…Blah, blah, blah, woe is me.  There are hundreds of stories of people in the world who have been through much worse than anything that has ever happened to you and they have succeeded because they wouldn’t allow the world to keep them down. They set goals, made plans, and took action. Nelson Mandela was a prisoner. Elie Weisel was in a concentration camp. Stephen Hawking uses wheelchair and keyboard. Henry Food had no money and less than a year of formal schooling. And…remind me again what your excuse is?

beliefs-thoughts-actions-resultsYou are the person you deserve to be because of the effort you put into creating yourself. Your beliefs determine your thoughts, which determine your actions, which create the results you have today. Let’s do a simple mindset check. Take a look at the last 10 posts you put on social media. Assign an emotion or description to each one. Now count how many were happy, celebratory, angry, loving, punishing, educational, spiritual, revengeful, or just plain negative. Take a good look at the difference between the positive and negative posts. This may give you an indication of your general mindset.

You are the sum of your 5 closest friends. Now, go back to the previous paragraph and look at the comments to your posts from friends. Are they sympathetic, compassionate, helpful, or are they angry, confrontational, argumentative? ‘It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you flock with turkeys’, goes an old saying. My mother was fond of, ‘you are the company you keep’. Are your friends supportive in a good way? Do they help you up or keep you down. This can be a sobering realization for some people.

YOU CAN CHANGE AT ANY TIME! Yes, you can. Start right now by examining your BELIEF systems and questioning them. Make an effort to THINK in a positive fashion. Take ACTIONS that will lead you toward a good goal and you will see the RESULTS that more appropriately match what you feel you deserve. Or…continue doing what you are doing and getting what you are getting. The choice is always yours.

If you want some help making changes, setting goals, and realizing your dreams, contact me. I am always eager to assist.

~ Matt


Finding your FOCUS

“With all the crazy stuff that you do, how do you find your focus?” A dear friend ask me this questions recently and I never really thought about it because I just always had too many irons in the fire and learned to juggle.

Over the past 20 years or so the buzz word in employment has been ‘multi tasking’. If you look at job postings, you will invariably notice that each includes a phrase similar to ‘must be able to effectively handle multiple projects and objectives’. The problem is that science has proven we are not effective at multi-tasking and it actually reduces productivity.

While we are always going to be inundated with tasks at work or home, we can learn to become more productive by learning to FOCUS.

focus-acronymFOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success

FOCUS is the new trend towards single-tasking and it is showing good results. It involves a combination of consistent planning and good time management. This is how I am able to manage 3 businesses and my multiple hats of Executive Coach, Sales Trainer, Event Planner, Property Manager, Martial Arts Instructor, and father of 6.

Follow this link to a good article that will give you a few ideas about time management and the difference between being BUSY and being PRODUCTIVE.


Give me a call to learn more about planning and time management. Not every system is right for all. Finding your FOCUS with proper time management can create better productivity and relieve stress, but only if its the right system for you.

~ Matt Randall – Executive Coach and Time Lord

How to raise confident, curious, and creative kids

How to Raise Confident, Curious and Creative Kids

Matt’s note: This is really nice article with helpful points. I especially like #6 about allowing mistakes. Too many children lack confidence because they are afraid to fail. As parents, in our pursuit to protect kids from every danger, we often stifle their creativity and limit their confidence by either making them afraid to experiment and fail or doing everything for them. Remember the Magic School Bus series? “Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy.” That’s some of the best advice we can give our children.

Messy-childrenBy Siny Sebastian

How to raise kids to be creative, curious and confident

What do you wish the most for your kids? Is it a life of happiness in which they enjoy each moment by considering their life as an adventure? Or is it a life where they are able to live their life bravely by thinking creatively in their daily life? Whatever be the dreams we have for our kids, imagination, creativity, curiosity and confidence in children do play an important role in realizing these dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt, the famous American Diplomat once said “I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity”. Do you think that you would ever wish for such a gift for your kid? I surely did wish for that since I pinned for such a fairy dream for long 9 months. But then later as my kids grew, I realized the truth that it doesn’t have to be a dream. It is indeed possible to raise our kids to be creative, curious and confident if we parents have the basic understanding and knowledge to quest their creativity. On top, it is not such a hard process.

Wondering why? This is because kids are born curious. All that we need to do is to encourage them in their exploratory expeditions. Children have an inborn quality to absorb information easily and so when we build up their sense of adventure, it will motivate the kids to go out of their way in learning and understanding new things. The more things they find for themselves, the more easily it is for them to come up with creative ideas. Believe it or not, all these are not something that is easy not only on paper, but also in reality as they are several simple things that we can do to foster their curiosity.

Creative thinking is important for children as it develops intrinsic motivation in children. This in turn helps them to love the process of learning throughout their life. What’s more, curiosity and creativity are related to optimal well-being as it is seen that those who love learning new things and are always curious are more happy and optimistic than those who are not. All this gives them a sense of self- confidence that makes them push themselves more to follow their dreams, irrespective of all the barriers that they face in life. Don’t we all want our children to chase their dreams?

For all this to happen, the foremost thing needed is for the parents to be equipped. Parents have a great influence on what their child thinks and learns in the early years. Parents are the first role models that the kids look up to. Parents should help them in making the kids understand how to think, but then never teach them what to think as it will hinder their creativity and curiosity.

Now, it is time for the tips which will help us to raise confident, curious and creative kids. Some of these are:

1) Encouraging Curiosity – Asking questions to children is a great way to enhance their curiosity. It will not be a one sided as you already guessed since it is a common knowledge that kids are experts in asking questions. This two- way process is one of the best and easiest ways to boost their curiosity. It motivates the kids to find answers for themselves and promotes their independence. Always try to stretch their knowledge.

2) Communication – Communicate with the kids those matters which will make them think. This gives them a chance or ability to build their own opinions. When this kind of communication happens, you will able to further their curiosity as well as increase their confidence. Children become more observant and perceptive about their environment. Besides, it helps the parents to understand what all the kids are really interested in.

3) Open Atmosphere – This is an essential prerequisite since the kids are able to express the ideas freely only in such an environment where there isn’t much inhibitions. When children seek out new experiments and new ideas, they are able to increase their critical thinking and their ability to solve problems.

4) Adequate Resources – When we provide adequate resources for unstructured and unrestricted child directed activities with right guidance, we are providing them enough space for ample growth of creative expressions. It isn’t hard since we can use our own common experiences rather than buying the kids with expensive and fancy materials.

5) Building Confidence – If we really want our kids to be confident then the kids should be made to look at things in different perspectives and ways and then make the kids believe in them by we believing in them. This in turn would help to support the child’s interests.

6) Allowing Mistakes – It is very much possible that there would be lots of mistakes in this interesting process. The important thing to note here is that the mistakes made by the kids should be considered as opportunities and not as unsuccessful attempts. Only when we allow the kids to make mistakes will they not be afraid of failures and be confident kids. If the kids are scared of failures, then there is lesser chance of them trying new things.

7) Timely Appreciation – Show and demonstrate genuine interest and appreciation of what they are doing – Most of the time, the kids are able to understand when we fake these feelings. Be with them when you have the time, since that motivates the children most.

Through these ways, we will be able to shape an environment for the kids where they are full of curiosity and be full of confidence in both themselves and in the world around them.

Parents also wish that their kids are confident, curious and creative! So here come, some simple tips that enable us to do that!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Siny_Sebastian

Teach your children to earn what they want, not expect it.

Emily is right on the money in this article.  Children need to be taught that life doesn’t give handouts.  If you want it, earn it. Only through honest effort can a child raise their feeling of self-worth and accomplishment thereby developing true confidence. Parents, it’s time to learn how to say NO more often, then offer advice for how they can work towards their goals.

~ Matt

These 10 Things You Don’t Owe Your Child Are Totally Spot On – Boom!

In this world where entitlement is rampant, you need to know you don’t actually owe your kids a whole lot – especially not these things.

In today’s society, everyone is concerned about what we’re entitled to or what we deserve. Adults gripe and complain that they didn’t get what they deserved. There are constant debates about what are our rights as citizens. What are the basic rights of human beings?

I don’t care to get in the middle of those debates. I’m not looking for controversy, but I am concerned about our children. I’m concerned about what we are teaching our children for the future. Are we teaching them how to be grateful and work hard or are we making life too easy for them?

The demands that we make as adults and the things we think we are entitled to are observed by our children. They hear us talking and making demands. They hear the tone in our voices. They hear how we speak to others in authority. As they grow older, they may overhear the news or the radio broadcasts. They hear it all. The question is: Is it what you want them to be hearing?  The example society is setting for our future is that they are entitled to get everything they want. Is that true? Is everyone entitled to get everything they want?

As I walk through the store I often hear children complaining to their parents. “That’s not fair!” “I want this!” “You promised!” Do your children think you “owe” them things?

You don’t have to feel guilty for being the parent that says no. There are many things in life that we DO “owe” our children.  As parents, we owe them our unconditional love, respect, and endless forgiveness. They deserve  a place to call home, food to keep them healthy, and an education that will help them later in life. However, there are plenty of things in life they are not entitled to. These are things parents don’t need to feel guilty about. We do not need to feel guilty saying, “NO” to our children! In fact, I’m thankful to parents who say no to their children. Sometimes the best way to love your child is to say no!

This is my list of 10 things you don’t owe your child.

10 Things You Don’t Owe Your Child

1. Children are not entitled to rewards for good behavior. When you walk through the store and your child behaves while you are shopping, you don’t “owe” them a toy for good behavior. They behaved. That’s GREAT! Done deal. This one drives me nuts! I would say to my child, “Thanks for being so well-behaved in the store today!” They say, “Your welcome, what can we get?!” After many lessons, they are learning. Life is not a hand-out. Sometimes you just have to do what is expected of you. Now, after teaching them, I can reward them once in awhile and not have to continually hear them asking for a reward.

2. Children are not entitled to be the best athlete in school.  Children walk on the field or the court and expect they will have the skills and talent of a pro-athlete. What they don’t realize is that good athletes work hard.  If they work hard and practice their skills they will reap the rewards. The rewards do not necessarily mean professional sports though. Skill and talent doesn’t come automatically and it doesn’t come without hours of committed practice.

3. Children are not entitled to every possession they want!  First, let’s help them appreciate the things they have. Learning contentment is another hard but important life lesson. Next let’s teach them the value of what it is they want. Teach them how to save their money for it. They can earn it. You don’t have to buy it for them because they want it now. Give them a chance to want it for a little while. They may discover if they wait that they didn’t really want it that desperately.  They will also learn patience. Your children will appreciate the item even more!

4. Children are not entitled to popularity. There is no rule that says they will or should have a playground full of friends. Everyone is different. Teach them that sometimes a few really good friends is better. Popularity is not the most important part of life to strive for. We would never wish for our children to be without friends, but they need to learn how to make friends and be a good friend in order to have them and keep them.

5. Children are not entitled to a gourmet meal. We work hard as parents and there are a lot of aspects to running a home. You may not have time to make a 7-course meal when all that is said and done. Parents don’t have to feel guilty about that. Do the best you can to provide a healthy balanced meal for your family. Teach your children to respect that. Let’s teach them how to help make those meals! This is a win for everyone!

6. Children are not entitled to a maid. Our job is to be the parents. We are not the cleaning service. Let’s teach our children how to clean up after themselves and how to do simple chores. Let’s teach them that chores do not always mean a payment when they finish. This teaches them responsibility and ownership for their things and their house. Everyone in the house can be responsible for helping to take care of the house. These skills help them in school also.

7. Children are not entitled to fast food service. Patience is a very hard thing to teach children and even adults.  A child’s request to you for whatever it may be, does not have to be fulfilled immediately. Sometimes it is a good lesson for them to wait patiently. Teaching children to wait is a life-lesson. There will be times in life they will have to wait, so they might as well get used to it!

8. Children are not entitled to pass to the next grade. Our children are all brilliant, kind to others, and selfless, no doubt. We all want to believe that about our children. We know our children. The teachers also know our children. Children may think this, but they are not given a free ride to the next grade level. It is not an automatic pass at the end of the year. Having their hinder in their seat every day is not enough. Children have to work and learn the information necessary to get to the next level. If they don’t put in the time or the work, it is not a free pass. There are students who don’t do their work or don’t think it matters if they get an A or a D on their homework. It matters if they don’t have the skills they need for the next grade!

9. Children are not entitled to win every game. We do not need to let our children win when we play games with them. We can keep score in a game and have a winner and, yes, a loser.  Children can learn at an early age how to be a gracious winner and not a sore loser. We can teach them that they won’t win every game. We also teach them that we don’t stop playing games because we might lose or because we lost a last game. Competition is a natural instinct but learning how to lose is a lesson we have to learn at some point in life. This lesson will carry through our entire lives. If they learn this early on, adjusting to what life throws at them will be much easier.

10. Children are not entitled to be right all of the time.Everyone wants to think they are right ALL the time. Whether we are willing to admit it or not…we are not always right. Similarly, children are not always right and they need to be taught that they are not. It is our responsibility to correct them when they are wrong. They will make excuses for their behavior or they will argue about why they are right. As parents, we need to curb this behavior early and teach them that it is okay to be wrong and how to admit to being wrong. It’s a hard pill to swallow, even for adults. If we don’t teach them this lesson they become disrespectful to anyone who tries to tell them they are wrong about anything. As a teacher, and the wife of a teacher, I know how disrespectful children can be when they are told they are doing something wrong. Children may be entitled to their opinion. However, let’s teach them how to voice it respectfully and at the correct time!

Children ARE entitled to parents who will teach them the difference between the things in life they have to work for and the things in life that are given freely.

My name is Emily and I am a mother of three girls. My husband and I have been happily married for 11 years. I was a teacher before I became a mother and now I creatively try to do both. I have a lot of interests and hobbies that I’d love to share with you! Please check them out at my blog, Mom on the Move, or find me onFacebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.