The Hot Seat TV

tvTimberWolf Coaching is very pleased to be partnering with Derry Community Television to bring you ‘The Hot Seat TV’. HSTV is a local experts series featuring interviews with leaders, businesses, celebrities, and other experts who have information to share that is of value to the community.

To view our video archive, please visit our YouTube channel.

If you would like to be in The Hot Seat (a guest on the show), follow these steps:

  1. Call for an initial interview to discuss program topics, content guidelines, and available dates for filming.
  2. Email
    1. Download, print, and sign the Talent Release Form-TalentRelease
    2. 5 questions that our host should ask you on the show. Bear in mind these will be used as a guide only and may not be asked exactly as written.
    3. Your contact information as you want it listed in the credits.
    4. Your logo in JPG format.
  3. Come prepared with professional attire and grooming.
  4. Check the Derry TV website for address and directions.
  5. Arrive 30 minutes before filming for preparation.

Content restrictions:

  • No obscene matter
  • No material that constitutes libel, slander, invasion of privacy or public rights, unfair competition, violation of trademark or copyright, which might violate any local, state, or federal law.
  • No advertising. Translation, your contact information may be shared with the audience, but the intent of the show is to provide valuable information.
  • Nothing pertaining to any lottery.
  • No promotional material concerning products or services presented for any solicitation of money or other things of value. Translation, you may not ask people to buy your services directly on the show, but your contact information may be listed for follow up.
  • No political endorsements.
  • All content is subject to review by Derry Community Television and TimberWolf Coaching for appropriateness. There are no guarantees that the program will air. All decisions by DTV and TWC regarding content are final.