About TimberWolf

wolf_thumb-smallWhat is TimberWolf Coaching?

At TimberWolf Coaching we believe that you can and should be the leader of your pack. Whether your pack consists of a company, a family, a sales team, a team within the company, or your sports team, our mission is to assist you in becoming the best leader you can be.

Our goal is to help you reach yours. We do this through a unique combination of skills and experience that no other coaching company offers including Business Coaching, Sales Coaching, Public Speaking Coaching, Leadership/Team Development. Life Coaching, and Personal Transformation.

The TimberWolf team (Pack Leaders) is made of experts in the fields of coaching and consulting plus top-notch referral partners. Together we have the power, knowledge, training, and skills to help you reach your goals – personally and professionally.

See our PACK LEADERS page and REFERRAL PARTNERS page for more about our team and resources.

Why TimberWolves?

TimberWolves have a number of analogies that can be related to business or family.

  • TimberWolves are ferocious hunters and will do whatever is necessary to feed their family.
  • TimberWolves packs are led by a mated pair of alpha-male and alpha-female.
  • TimberWolves are dedicated to their family and very caring in raising their pups.
  • TimberWolves are pack animals that work together to achieve goals.
  • TimberWolves are choosy about who they allow into the pack.
  • TimberWolves are lean, mean, fighting machines, but rarely attack humans, unless highly provoked.
  • TimberWolves are able to associate well with other related species of wolves and dogs.
  • TimberWolves are able to work independently when necessary, but always for the benefit of the pack.
  • TimberWolves are always learning to adapt to a changing environment and encroachment from humans.
  • TimberWolves will communicate often with the pack using a variety of tools such as; barks, whines, growls, and howls.
  • Most importantly – TimberWolves are survivors!


Other interesting facts about TimberWolves:

  • They are also known as Gray Wolves.
  • They are the largest of the canine family.
  • They are the inspiration for the stories of The Big, Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.
  • They have been on the endangered species list since 1974.

A fun fact guide can be found at http://www.animalfactguide.com/animal-facts/gray-wolf/