Not getting what you expect from Networking Events?

Having a little trouble starting conversations and turning them into appointments?

Do you get stuck talking with people who waste your time?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone by your side who can:

  • Introduce you to the right people at events
  • Steer you away from energy-suckers
  • Get the conversation rolling in the right direction
  • Edify you in front of prospects
  • Lead the conversation towards scheduling a follow-up appointment

Maybe what you need is a Networking Wingman.

Our Networking Wingman sessions are designed to lower your social anxiety and increase your confidence and conversation skills. You will get the most out of networking events with real-time, hands-on practice, all the while having a networking partner by your side! We have helped many people like you and we are so confident that through our coaching, both your business and professional life will dramatically change for the better.

We Act as a Networking Wingman for you and improve your skills as a connector and get comfortable making the first move in a room full of strangers. We can also help you Practice skills and achieve networking goals laid out in the pre-event strategy coaching session, expand your networking circle while also letting others know about your business and have fun while still being an effective networker.

We know you might say, I have heard stories like this yet no result but we will completely guarantee and tell the simple truth, that you have never seen anything like our professional services before. We promise that you’re going to be absolutely amazed at our services.